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Please Read Before Signing Up Below!
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You have reached the official Secret Santa Page. I am so glad you are here! Below are the rules you will need to follow to participate.

  • The sign up deadline is 12/18/2020. Please deliver gifts no later than 12/22/2020. I will contact you if your gift has not been received.

  • Gifts are to be valued from $1 - $10. It is to spread Christmas Joy not break the bank.

  • Please be aware that I will share all your information with one other person so they can get you your pup's gift.

  • Any information you receive is to be used ONLY for the Secret Santa game. Please be respectful of others privacy. 

  • IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE DOG, you may sign them all up on one form or each on individual forms. If you sign them up together then you will receive ONE gift for them to share. If you sign them up separately, they will each receive a separate gift BUT you will need to gift as many dogs as forms you have filled out. 

  • I will try to keep gifters in the same neighborhoods but you may be paired with someone outside of your neighborhood.

  • You may mail your gift or drop it off on the recipients porch.

  • If you sign up but circumstances keep you from participating then please contact me to let me know so I can find someone to fill in for you.

  • You may sign the gift from your dog but the humans have to remain anonymous. 

  • I am sure I am forgetting stuff so feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.


Nicole Woodward

I do not answer my phone but you can text me: (813)293-3139

Fill out the form below to join our 2020 Secret Santa Event!

Bring on the Christmas Spirit!

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