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Rainy Day Dog Walking


As dog Walkers Gary and I are out in all kinds of weather. Today it is raining and we just finished our first walk of the day. I love rainy day walks! They bring me back to my childhood where rain was fun. I loved wading through puddles and floating homemade twig boats in the rivulets of water that streamed down the road before cascading down a storm drain. I always wondered what amazing journeys the twig boats took after descending into the rivers under the road. Today I avoid the rain. I’m happy to stay curled up on the couch and listen to it from my dry surroundings. I dread going out to run errands or take care of responsibilities. That’s why I love walking all our fur babies on days like today. It forces me to get outside despite the rain. I surrender to getting wet and enjoying my walk. It’s so freeing to give up the fight to stay dry and just enjoy the day! Before I know it I’m remembering my rainy excursions as a child. On one of my future rainy day walks I might even look for a stream of water finding its way through the street. When I find one I’ll float a piece of bark and watch it disappear down a storm drain and under the pavement. I’m sure I’ll laugh when the pup I’m with cocks it’s head to the side in wonder. Yep, sometimes our walks bring all that childhood magic back to my world!


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