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Here's to Lady!

Friday March 22, 2019

If you are lucky a pet comes into your life that reaches deep into your heart and changes who you are. I was blessed to have a few of these animals walk with me for a period of time here on earth. One of these pets was a German Shepherd named Lady. She came to the family riddled with heartworms and extremely dog aggressive. Part of one of her ears was missing due to a dog fight but to us it only added to her character. She was two when she came into our lives and she walked with us for eleven years before hip dysplasia crippled her and she had to be put down. She never stopped smiling even through all of her ordeals and I will forever be changed by her love and loyalty.

Below is a blog entry that a wrote while losing weight one year. It is just a subtle insight to who our dear lady was.

Friday, July 13, 2012

OK, I have something to confess... I don't like to exercise - whew! It feels good to get that off my chest! Certainly it is understandable, I mean after all it makes me sweat, I get out of breath and, well, sometimes it even hurts! Yea, yea yea... I know, it has great benefits: Runners High, Serotonin production increases, amazing body... Blah, Blah, Blah...

This is not to say that I don't exercise. I do kinda exercise. I walk at the mall with a good friend three times a week, I live in a three story house with high ceilings and ohhh sooo many stairs - I mean, they gotta count for something right? Oh yea, and I have started walking my dog daily for a minimum of ten minutes (darn spark challenge).

The thing is that my walks with my dog Lady have started to change my perspective on exercise. I suppose to understand this subtle paradigm shift you first need to know a little bit about Lady. She is 7 year old (clumsy) German Shepherd with a condition called, "Bilateral ununited anconeal processes with secondary degenerative joint disease (DJD)". In other words, Lady has bad elbows in her front legs - one leg in particular. She gets Pain medicine daily and glucosamine, chondrotine tablets. She is allowed only limited low impact exercise due to her condition and she recently started a prescription diet to help keep her weight down to keep the strain off her elbows, (I mean a girls gotta keep her figure right!?!). Even with the medication and preventative measures Lady has her good days and her bad days. She can go weeks with no sign of pain and then something will happen to irritate her condition and her pain becomes obvious. It can cause her anything from a subtle limp to the inability to walk on one of her legs causing her to drag it and yelp in pain. Surgery looms in her future but for now she is my warrior.

Yes, Lady experiences pain more than the average dog but when it comes to attitude, you would never know it! If I just mumble the word "walk", Lady's ears perk up, her eyes bore into me and I can hear the thump of her tail against the wood floor. If I ask her, "You wanna go for a walk?", she is up in an instant, her tail - no - her whole back end wagging and nose to the door knob. When we are outside on our walk her eyes slightly close and her nose follows the wind to catch all the scents. Squirrels, People, dogs all become amazing entertainment and reasons for exuberance. All this in light of the fact that we are walking in Florida's oppressive heat and humidity not to mention that she is wearing a coat of fur and can not sweat to cool herself, (and to think I was complaining about sweating during exercise). I want my dogs attitude!

Here's to seeing the world through Lady's eyes! To looking at exercise as a treat not torture. For being grateful for the sweat that cools me so I can enjoy the breeze that blows by. Here's to seeing everyone as a friend and all nuances as entertainment; to finding the joy in things. Here's to Lady!

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