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Ocala Dog Meetup is an official​ Fit Dog Club!

The AKC, (American Kennel Club), Fit Dog Program encourages dog owners and their dogs to participate in healthy, aerobic exercise. To this end they have created their "Fit Dog" program providing opportunities such as fit dog training by AKC certified trainers, the "Fit Dog" walking program that any individual can partake in and Fit Dog Groups. The Ocala Dog Meetup is proud to have been officially approved as a Fit Dog club!

What is an AKC Fit Dog Club?

The AKC describes an AKC Fit Dog Club as a club that promotes health and fitness for dogs and their owners, through:

  1. Conducting at least 4 group fitness walks per year, or

  2. Conducting regularly scheduled canine fitness/conditioning classes.

In the fitness walks and classes, dogs and owners may participate at their own individual skill level.

How will the Ocala Dog Meetup Contribute to it's members Health and Fitness?

The Ocala Dog Meetup will promote a healthy lifestyle by:

  1. Holding weekly Get Fit classes.

  2. Organizing periodic Get Fit group walks throughout the year. 

  3. Awarding Get Fit Members with support, motivation and participation prizes.

Who can participate in the Get Fit Club? 

ANYONE can participate! However, if you are a member of the Ocala Dog Meetup  you will:

  1. Recieve participation prizes at the events.

  2. Receive motivation by other participants in the group

  3. Be recognized on our member page and have your own page that you can personalize and keep track of your events on.

  4. Get prior notification to events that have limited spots available

  5. Have exclusive access to resources to help with your "Get Fit" journey.

Click Below to Become a Member

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