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Online Training Programs for Raising a Well Behaved Dog
This is my favorite dog training site. Pam walks you through training skills in short, precise videos. Each video in her course takes only minutes to watch but when you have finished the section the combined videos pack a real punch! In her "Dogs Sense Life Skills" you will find all the training you need to pass the "Canine Good Citizen" skills. And the best part? She is there to help you with any problems with her interactive "Ask the Trainer" section. Her lessons are very reasonably priced compared to traditional classes and allow you to work at your own pace and repeat any video as often as you need. Here is an awesome tidbit... You can use the "Ask the Trainer" once you become a member FOR FREE! Click here to sign up!
The New Art of Teaching and Training
I've read several training books but this is the one I have learned the most from. It's focus is on "shaping" behavior. The fun part is, you can use it on humans as well! Want your husband to get in the habit of putting his socks in the hamper? How about your kids keeping their rooms clean? The focus is on dogs but the skills can be used in all areas of your life! In my opinion, it is an invaluable resource for understanding how to teach your dog skills.
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